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English language teachers and native speakers required for new client in Panamericana and Paraná (two blocks away from Norcenter).

Back-to-back courses (3 to 6 running hours)

We are recruiting a new team of teachers (graduate or trainees in their last year of TT college) and certified native speakers for highly competent learners for a new English Training Program on a client's premises in Panamericana and Paraná. Courses will be organized in 3 to 6-hour blocks.

We look for teachers who strive for high quality classes and  prepare them, enjoy teaching adult learners, are very punctual, above average in time management, and proactive.

Attractive hourly rates, very punctual payment and a professional environment.

If interested and if you meet the criteria above, do apply. Click here and fill in the formPlease fill in this form.

Aviso publicado el 3-7-15